Websites and Web Applications

There are generally only three basic reasons for having a website:

  • Public relations
  • giving away information
  • direct selling

Few sites fall into just one category but most, however, will be aimed primarily at one.

Selling things over the web is probably the most obvious, but certainly not the most common. Some companies hope to attract more business by having a web presence while others just cannot afford the loss of credibility which the lack of a website would bring in their particular sector.

Designing the odd web page is not too difficult.
However, designing a whole website or complex web application that hangs together and really meets the needs of an organisation is another matter. It is more than just a pretty design. It’s a case of understanding what the website needs to do for you and bringing together the relevant technologies to make it happen in a cost effective way.

We understand not just the presentation of web pages, but also the technology of content management and data-driven web applications – vital for any but the smallest sites.

Your clients (present and future) are looking to your website for an indication of integrity, success and an assurance of your business capability to 'deliver'.

We will work with you to develop a site or application that meets your business needs in a cost-effective manner.